Meriden United Methodist Church
Friday, March 06, 2015
Sharing God's Love Within Our Community and Into The World Community
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Come Join Us!

Classic worship service Sunday morning @ 10 a.m.

Join Us as We Start the New Year with an Exciting Sermon Series:


 What Makes the

Christian Life Distinctive?


As Christians, we feel called to make a “real difference” in the world.  And yet, our communities are filled with persons who want to do the right thing, even though they are not practicing Christians.  What is it that sets Christians apart as different from just being a good person in the community? 


Join us each Sunday as we explore,

Why being a Christian should make a real difference in your life!


January 11, 10 am

 “Christians Are More Like Wolves, Than Tigers”


January 18, 10 am

“Christians Are Perfect (in Love)”


January 25, 10 am

“In God We Trust?”


February  1, 10 am

“Christians Are Spiritual, But Not Religious”


February  8, 10 am

“Pollyanna Got It Right”


During the Sermon Series, be sure to follow Richard’s discussion of each message, during the days leading up to each Sunday.  You can find the comments on his blog, at:


[For details about each topic, click here]


Everyone is welcome and accepted because God loves us all.